The Future of Digital Identity: Towards a European Digital Wallet

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The European Commission has recently proposed a framework for a European Digital Identity which will be offered by Member States to their citizens at national level, will allow Europeans to store identity related data and official documents (such as driving licences, passports, educational qualifications and even COVID-19 vaccination details) in a digital format. This data can then be used as a digital proof of identity across Member States to enable citizens to access public and private services, ranging from renting a car, buying a house or applying for a mortgage. 

Datakeeper launches digital identity wallet, ahead of the European Digital Identity Framework

Datakeeper, a tech start-up powered by Rabobank, worked with Mobiquity to develop and launch a personal identity wallet app to improve customer safety when purchasing and registering for products and services, while providing customers and organizations with convenience and full control over their personal data . 
The launch comes after an announcement made by the European Commission proposed a framework for a secure European Digital Identity for all Europeans, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation law (GDPR). 
Datakeeper’s response is an app that facilitates identification, data sharing and electronic signing in a safe, fast and secure process. The result is a digital identity solution in which validated data, such as identity and income, are safely and decentrally stored on a user’s own mobile device and nowhere else, eliminating the need to carry additional documents. The app provides users with full control, allowing them to easily share selected data with the parties they trust, minimizing the data being shared and therefore satisfying GDPR compliance. By using the app, customers, governments and social organizations will be able to access or share data through displaying a QR code linked to the identity wallet, giving them peace of mind that their data is being shared and stored securely. for instance, 
In an increasingly digitized world, companies and individuals are sharing their personal information online more than ever. The app promises to enable users to combat the dangers of data sharing through easy, private and safe sharing of data in a way that works for them. The app answers the call made by Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of Europe fit for the Digital Age, and Commissioner for Competition, for a framework that allows Europeans to “ do in any member states what they could do at home ”, safely and securely. Safety and privacy are at the heart of the app’s creation in a digital age challenged by insecure data handling and processing, and its expansion promises to transform how citizens live and interact with their data. 
Expert view from David Lamers, Chief Product Owner, Datakeeper
Commenting on the launch, David Lamers, Chief Product Owner, Datakeeper said:
”The potential market for privacy friendly data sharing and identity wallets is huge. Within two years, an identity wallet will be the common way to share a digital identity and personal information. Datakeeper has been a thought leader in the market for a few years now and we want to become a major player. We care about the privacy of our customers.”
Expert view from Gregor van Waning, Strategy Director, Mobiquity
Gregor van Waning, Strategy Director, Mobiquity said:
“Datakeeper is a game changer for both consumers and organizations. It will change for the better the way consumers and organizations interact in all kinds of customer journeys in our society.”


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